La Défense

The business district of Paris, taken from top of the Arc de Triomphe. The location is a few kilometers away from where I took the photo. So I took the opportunity to use a telephoto lens and captured the sunset just behind the La Défense towers. The colours were amazing! Most famous and tallest building of La Défense such as Tour First, Tour Total and Société Générale Twin Towers can be seen from the photo.

Merry Christmas

Christmas time in Frankfurt. Frankfurter Dom (Frankfurt Cathedral in English) offers photographers a great surprise on Christmas time. The tower is closed at 6PM instead of their regular schedule (if the weather permits), that makes possible to see the extraordinary skyline view of Frankfurt at blue hour time. Please be reminded that the Cathedral Tower is 95m and can be climbed via 324 steps. You need to be in a good shape! Also, remember to bring a foldable mini-tripod such as Joby. Even though they let you in with regular tripods, chances are so high that you won’t be able to use it.

In this particular shot, the historic town center (Römer) can be seen in front of the towers (the financial district). What a contrast between the old and new architecture! On the left, the river Main glows with the late sunset light.

The district is often called as ‘Mainhattan’. According to Wikipedia: The word is a portmanteau of Main, the river on which Frankfurt lies, and Manhattan, a reference to the inner city area’s visually impressive high rises and skyscrapers.

Venetian Sunrise

The magnificent view of the Grand Canal from the Accademia Bridge (Ponte de Accademia) on sunrise. Santa Maria della Salute can be seen on the background. I like the leading lines of the Grand Canal on this photograph. I prefer shooting this location in sunrise time, however there are good photo opportunities at sunset as well. Moreover, the Venice Carnival time is another perfect timing for this place as the bridge would be full of dressed people even in sunrise time so you can capture amazing photographs.

16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0
30mm/ƒ/5/75s/ISO 200

This is one of the most popular spots in Venice. Even though you wouldn’t miss it, I am adding a map below.

Santa Maria della Salute

This part of Venice is the place where all the gondolas are brought after the end of the day. Santa Maria della Salute church and a nice Venetian sunset completes the picture. You shouldn’t miss the spot even if you are not a photographer. There are some fancy cafes and restaurants of the hotels nearby to enjoy the beautiful view of the Grand Canal.

16.0-35.0 mm f/4.0
29mm/ƒ/4.5/60s/ISO 400

Finding this place can be tricky. You need to walk around the narrow streets without getting lost. I am attaching a maps to the exact location of the photo.


Venice is one of the most spectacular places in Europe. Last time I went there it was the carnival time. I was having a really hard time whether to picture great urban landscapes or the people attending the carnival. Gondola traffic is usually busy at the evening time, so you would find endless opportunities for shooting gondolas in different places in Venice. San Giorgio Maggiore is found behind of the image that completes the composition makes the view more magical.

AF-S Nikkor 16-35mm f/4G ED VR
35mm/ƒ/7.1/8s/ISO 50

If you are wondering the exact location of this image, please refer to the map below. Beware that it is a very popular spot, so expect crowds.

Backstreets of Red Light

Have you ever considered what the backstreets of Red Light District of Amsterdam look like? Here is what it is, a magnificent place!

Photo was taken after sunset while blue hour still exists. A boat was passing while capturing the shot so you can see the trails.

If you are wondering where this photograph is taken exactly, a Google map below would help you. If you reach the spot, you will see there is cafe there. If you go across the tables to the canal, you will see there is a small balcony below with some steps to reach there. This is the perfect place to set the tripod!